The building of the Loch Rannoch in Glasgow in 1868 (originally launched as the Clan Ranald) was supervised by one of the Loch Line's best known masters, Captain Bully Martin, who took command of her for the first few years of her existence. For the Loch Line he also was to command the Loch Ness, the Loch Long and the Loch Broom, which he sailed till his retirement in 1907. He is reputed to have been such a consumate seaman that he never cost the underwriters a penny throughout his career.

Captain James Strachan is recorded by discharge papers in the family's possession as having sailed on her voyage of 1883/1884 to Melbourne as able seaman under Captain Robert Arnott. The photo reproduced below is identified as being on the Loch Rannoch but is not dated and thus cannot be directly attributed to that voyage, but includes Capt. Strachan standing third from the right.

The mate is probably one Captain Bennett who later commanded the Loch Tay. He had an interesting career in that he was third mate on the Nimroud to Auckland in1864 under Captain Oughton, left her to serve in the Maori War, was sent to the front lines, was wounded a fortnight later and recovered before the ship left, and re-joined the ship as he was not fit for duty! Later Bennett joined the Loch line as mate of the Loch Rannoch. He retired from the sea in 1892.


Part of the crew of the Loch Rannoch (click for full size image)

On her final voyage in 1907 she brought back to Hull a cargo of wool, hides and tallow, arriving 106 days out from Melbourne. After discharging, she returned to Glasgow to be sold and ultimately scrapped. The days of sail were over.


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